I love my dad. He wasn’t always in our lives but when He was, he instilled timeless principles into our lives. Because of him I have the love of the outdoors and traveling. When he would pick us up, he’d always take us on a road trip to visit different family members across California, Portland and Mexico. Today our relationship is a respectful one. He knows I love him and I know he knows I love him.


I love my momma. She taught me and continues to teach me many things about endurance and love. We co-own a business together and live together. So..yes, lol, it CAN sometimes get a bit too much since we are both strong minded, but I love the opportunity God has given me to spend time with her. There will never be anyone more beautiful to me than my momma.


I believe that we def. are born into the family that God knows will better equip us to fulfill His great plans for us. Yes, we might not all have the perfect family, but God made sure we had THE perfect family that would inspire each of us to live our BEST LIFE.