#SocialCHALLENGE Day 30 What I Want To Be Remembered For

Don’t really know what I want to be remembered for. I guess I want to be remembered for my music but I think that is pretty much it.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 29 Misunderstood

I think people misunderstand how lazy I really am.

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY28 Love Language

My love langauge is Spanish

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 27 Your Favorite Body Part

My Favorite part of my body is my ears, because with out my ears I wouldn’t be able to listen to music.

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 25 Who Would I Eat With

A person I would Take out to eat is Rihanna, because she is my future wife. I would take her out to eat the most expensive place in LA.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 23 5 Hobbies

I like to listen to music all day Watching sports Making music Eating Food Sleeping

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 22 where Do I See My Self In The Future

5 years from now I would be 22 and I want to be traveling the world producing music for some of the greatest around the world. 10 years from now I will be 27 I think that I would be… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 21 If You Had A Super Power

I think If I had a super power it would be to be able to teleport. Because I could go anywhere I want with out paying anything.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 19 Where Would I Live

I would like to live in Rome because it because it seems like a beautiful place to live.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 16 5 Greatest accomplishments

Making the drumline as a freshman learning how to read music making the basketball team being in college learning how to write music

#SocialCHALLENGE 5 Strengths

I like to eat a lot of food I can read music I play sports I can sleep for a long time I can put stuff together

#SocialCHALLENGE 10 Pet Peeves I Have

Losing Lebron James people saying lebron is better than kobe wearing no socks People who talk to me while im wearing headphones having to talk loud having to talk in a crowded place walking for a long time not being… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 9: 10 people who infuence me

Mom because she gave birth to me Dad because he gives me a house Reggie Miller favorite basketball player Kanye West favorite producer Kevin Durant second my second best basketball player J.Dilla great producer The Neptunes great music producers The… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge day 8: 5 Passions That Drive Me

Making new music Sports Food Family Food

The hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with was not being able to play music because I was in home school.

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