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#socialchallenge day 28: My LOVE Language

I loved the book The 5 Love Languages and since reading it, I feel I have transitioned from my original Love language which was Acts of Service to Words of Affirmation.   It makes me feel special when someone chooses… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 22: The Future

#SocialChallenge Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 15 years?   In 5 years I see myself the author of 3 books. I see myself as Fit as I have ever been. I see myself an… Continue Reading →

#socialchallenge Day 21: I Have Super Powers

#socialchallenge day 21: My Super Power Would Be… If I could have one superpower it would be flight. I actually always used to have dreams of me flying when I was younger.   The travel possibilities would be endless. I… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 20: I Remember… #ChildhoodMemories

 #SocialChallenge Day 20: 3 Things From My Childhood 1. The first memory I remember having was me watching my mom leave to the store through the back way of our house. I remember I watched her to figure out how… Continue Reading →

#Socialchallenge day 19: Beautiful Places I Wouldn’t Mind Calling Home

#Socialchallenge day 19: Beautiful Places I Wouldn’t Mind Calling Home I am a full blown Nature gal. I love people and the city but when it comes to LIVING I’d rather be around God’s awesome creatures and creations. 3 places… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 18: The Most Difficult Thing I Have Had To Forgive Oh this one is fresh as I am going through a divorce. I had to forgive my ex husband. It was painful but God asked me to and… Continue Reading →

#socialchallenge day 17: What I Wish I was Good At

#socialchallenge day 17: What I Wish I was Good At This one is probably going to be the shortest post ever… I wish I was good at organizing, specifically my room lol I “organize” it one day and the next… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge day 16: My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

#SocialChallenge day 16: My 5 Greatest Accomplishments I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to congratulate myself, which is always a good thing. 1. Never EVER tried nor will I ever try Drugs.  Why is this a… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 13: 5 weaknesses For the sake of speaking life and walking my talk, I’ll call  my weaknesses delivered from me cause that’s just how awesome God is. I believe God is always asking us to improve on a… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 13: 5 Of JusNya’s Weaknesses

I’m telling the truth… FOOD Is My FIRST Only because it’s my WORST. I’m eating all the time! When I Wake Up, When I’m Working, When I’m Watching TV. 2. Lotion & Perfumes etc. I’m Always Putting On Lotion Or… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 12: A Day In the Life Of… @dreamlifelivin

#SocialChallenge Day 12: My Typical Day  I’ll give you my Mon-Friday “Routine” for the sake of simplicity and I state routine loosely because my day schedule can change from week to week. I am going to be very thorough because… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 12: Typical Day For Me… Hmmm

Working through the day doing a little bit of everything – Working.. Working on some music playing the keyboard. Watching a little bit of TV. – The Vampire Diaries. Being Productive In Anyway Positive.  

#SocialChallenge Day 11: ANNOYING!

  #SocialChallenge Day 11: 10 Pet Peeves  Oh I should say I don’t get annoyed but I do lol I would like to thank God for helping me with all of these but in the mean time….   1. Victim… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment

#SocialChallenge Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment Oh gosh I have had soooooo many embarrassing moments I don’t know which one to pick! lol My MOST memorable embarrassing moment was when I was in 4th grade. Recess was my favorite… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 9: I am Influenced by..

#socialchallenge day 9: Name 10 people who influence you 1. Me when I was 3. I know it may seem weird for me to be influenced by my former 3 year old self but it reminds me of my true… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 7: My Dream Job Would Have To Be…..

To be a Very Successful Actress & Singer. Because I love acting and singing and I’ve loved for So long!

#SocialChallenge day 6: The Dark Pit

Day 6: What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?   Lack of Self Love.   There was a time in my life where I did not feel worthy of good. I allowed my past to take hold of… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 6: Hardest Thing JusNya’s Ever Experienced

When My Mom Lost Her Best Friend, June 16, 2014. It was a very Hard time for lots of people including myself. We all Loved Reeshemah Holmes So Much! That was Probably The Hardest Thing Iv’e Experienced. And It Reminded… Continue Reading →

One of the hardest things I ever had to experience was telling my kids that I had gotten laid off from my job. Being a single parent I was the only source of income. Everything they need or wanted came… Continue Reading →

5 things that make me most happy now… 1. My Growing Relationship with God. I can confidently say that I am on a higher level with my relationship with God. I sought Him. I asked Him. He responded (Always Faithful)…. Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 4: Sweet Sixteen

10 things I would tell my 16 year old self… Wow this one is a thinker. 1. First and foremost I would tell myself to pay attention to God. I was an atheist for a long time and it was… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 3: Parents

Father: I love my dad. He wasn’t always in our lives but when He was, he instilled timeless principles into our lives. Because of him I have the love of the outdoors and traveling. When he would pick us up,… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Is It Legitimate Fear or False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is an immobilizer; if you allow it to be.  I spent years; and yes even have moments on a weekly basis now dealing with fear. The fear of not fully living out potential, not being my best self and… Continue Reading →

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