I love an respect my folks. I have a very different relationship with my family at the moment but love is still the guiding force behind it all.

My mother is one cool chick. She is crazy too. If you have met her- you have met me and if you have meet me-  you have met her. We share a lot in common. My mother raised five kids by the Grace of God without ever letting any of us know her struggles.

My mother is simply beautiful. She’s courageous, fearless, and God fearing. She was queen of the beat down but not breakdown. She knew how to love her children while correcting them at the same dang time! :-)

I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her sacrifices: but I do. Anyone who keeps trying to make things happen in other people’s lives when all of their dreams for their life have been derailed¬† are “Warriors”¬† more like a kung fu ninja

Did I mention she can pray too? My mother exercises her right to talk to our Father in mighty way!

Lord have mercy, my mother can call down heaven when you really need her to.

I never knew my daddy wasn’t an in home daddy, my mother never said a negative word about my father. All I knew, was that it was fun to take trips as a child to see my daddy & my grandparents. Your words as parents have the power to shape how your children see the “roles” people play in their life.
Daughter who Happens to Love Her Mother & her Father