10 things I would tell my 16 year old self…

Wow this one is a thinker.

1. First and foremost I would tell myself to pay attention to God. I was an atheist for a long time and it was most prevalent in my late teens. I knew God was trying to get a hold of me, but I kept denying Him access into my heart. He’s in there now but if we are going to win the lotto, why hold off to redeem it for so long? (My take on having a relationship with Jesus).

2. Take advice seriously! Miss 16 year old know it all, here’s a news flash…You DON’T know it all! <–lol seriously thought I did. Oh the mistakes I could have avoided.

3. You ARE very much loved, don’t let your circumstances tell you otherwise.

4. You ARE very much a world changer, don’t allow people’s opinions of you take that away.

5. You are BEAUTIFUL, don’t compare yourself with others.

6. Don’t rush into a relationship and pay attention to the red flags.

7. Never loose that Zeal for life you have, especially at the expense of others.

8. Take more risks.

9. Always, always, ALWAYS keep envisioning and dreaming.

10. *Everything is going to be alright (This one is a biggie).

*My childhood was not a good one. At 13 I went into foster care. I felt alone a lot and I sometimes missed school because I did not want to face the questions regarding where my mom or dad were. My teens were the most difficult and I constantly yearned for guidance regarding teen stuff. I felt like I was going to always be behind other’s successes because of this, but I thank God that He keeps His promises and I have not missed a beat. Life has turned out AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE and it just keep stetting better :)