1. My Husband. I knew when I met him he was something special. He made me feel like I was the only person in the room and I had his undivided attention when I spoke. He still makes my heart flutter after all these years.
2. My Children. They make me proud and very humbled at the same time. To know God blessed me to be able to give birth to these lives He created and charges me with the responsibility of rearing these lives He has amazing plans for is very humbling.
3. My Family. We are a hosh-posh of peculiar people with quirky personalities and individually unique characteristics. We know how to laugh, live, and love!
4. My God. Knowing God loves me just the way that I am gives me peace. This relationship makes me happy because it’s comforting.
5. Being Me. I really do love being ME! I’m so nerdy, corny, quirky, and cool all at the same time! Lol. I fall in love with myself all over everyday!