Quinstin Carter

#SocialChallege Day 28: Love Language

When I think of a love language I think of Spanish

#SocialChallenge Day 27: My Favorite Body Part

My favorite body part is the brain because it is the most important and the most useful

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 24: Family Dynamics

THEN                               NOW (Mother)                       (Mother) Child                      … Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 21: If You Had A Super Power

If I had a superpower I would like to be able to teleport because I can teleport to different places and not have to pay gas money

#Socialchallenge Day 20: 3 Things From My Childhood

Miley Cyrus Song Me Happy Birthday I Went to Pump It Up A Lot I Used to surf down the stairs on clothes tote tops

#SocialChallenge Day 17: What Quinstin Wishes He Was Good At

I wish I was naturally talented at drawing.

#SocialChallenge Day 16: Quinstins Greatest Accomplishments

Graduated 5th Grade Played little league basketball (did not score 1 point) Went Fishing (did not catch one fish) I learned How to build Websites When I Was 8 Workin on It

#SocialChallenge Day 14: 5 Of Quinstins Strengths

Cooking. Technology. I keep vasoline on deck at all time. I can work in a team setting. Website Building.

#SocialChallenge Day 7: Quinstins dream Job

My Dream job Would be Making money Doing What I Love To Do most… PLAY VIDEO GAMES

#SocialChallenge Day 6: Hardest Thing I ever experienced

The Hardest Thing I ever experienced was…. I haven’t experienced the hardest thing I will ever experience

DAY 5: 5 Things that Make Quinstin Happy

Exploring different types of technologies and gadgets makes me happy Learning about a new artist that makes inspiring Creations (Music and Art) Finding a new ZOMBIE MOVIE Having fun with my family Monetizing what you love to do

Quinstins Relationship With His Parents

I have a great relationship with my parents, #SOCIALCHALLENGE      

#SocialChallenge Day 2: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Facts about Quinstin

I enjoy listening to music My eyes are extra dark green if you look closely I’m a web developer (build websites) I enjoy playing video games In my spare time I might doodle (not very good) I cook for my… Continue Reading →

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