#SocialCHALLENGE Day 24 My Family

My family dynamic is not really that different from now and then. Since I am the oldest I have had to take on more┬áresponsibility, knowing that soon I will be leaving my parents house to start my own. When I… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 21 If You Had A Super Power

I think If I had a super power it would be to be able to teleport. Because I could go anywhere I want with out paying anything.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 20 3 Childhood Memories

I remember when santa claus was real. Waking up early to watch disney channel. Not caring what I was going to wear.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 19 Where Would I Live

I would like to live in Rome because it because it seems like a beautiful place to live.

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 18 Hardest Thing I Have Had To Forgive

One of the hardest things I have had to forgive is when my brother at my last piece of pie, that I clearly marked as mine. Didn’t talk to him for 2 days couldn’t believe he had ate my last… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 17 What Do You Want To Be Good At

One thing that I wish that I was good at is not waiting to the last second to do everything.

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 16 5 Greatest accomplishments

Making the drumline as a freshman learning how to read music making the basketball team being in college learning how to write music

#SocialCHALLENGE Day15 What Animal Would I Be

The Animal I would be is a Eagle because they are just one of the most amazing birds that ever flew in the sky.

#SocialCHALLENGE 5 Strengths

I like to eat a lot of food I can read music I play sports I can sleep for a long time I can put stuff together

#SocialCHALLENGE 5 Weakness

Food Music T.V Being destracted easily  Being lazy

#SocialCHALLENGE A Typical Day In My Life

A typical day in my life is, I wake up brush my teeth, wash my face, look at my Ipad, sit and stare a wall for awhile, eat breakfast, get ready to take my online class. Finish online class then… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge day 8: 5 Passions That Drive Me

Making new music Sports Food Family Food

#SocialCHALLENGE 5 Things That Make Happy

Music Basketball Clothes Video Games Food

Effective Team Building

Building Productive Teams Get on the same page with your team for ultimate success and productivity. There is a saying that attempts to explain the theory that one bad apple will ruin the entire barrel. I have seen many times… Continue Reading →

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