#SocialChallenge Day 13: 5 Of JusNya’s Weaknesses

I’m telling the truth… FOOD Is My FIRST Only because it’s my WORST. I’m eating all the time! When I Wake Up, When I’m Working, When I’m Watching TV. 2. Lotion & Perfumes etc. I’m Always Putting On Lotion Or… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 11: I Can’t Stand It When…. @askportia

#1 I absolutely detest foul smells & people who break wind in my presence! (Yuck & Shame On YOU!) # 2 I kind of itch around people who take themselves too serious, too deep to have an intelligent conversation. #… Continue Reading →

I am not afraid of much but there are 3 things that DO scare me. 1. Roaches This fear was embedded into my young mind when I watched the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Why I was allowed to watch… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 1: 20 Random Things About JusNya

1. I love God 2. I love to sing. 3. I also love to play the piano 4. I can’t go a day without singing 5. Every year I start counting down days until Black Friday months away. 6. I… Continue Reading →

OK so 20 Random Things about me most people already know but others our grabbing their seats to find out are….. THE BIG 20 I’m shy, just kidding- but I really don’t like large crowds I hate small spaces that… Continue Reading →

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