5 things that make me most happy now…

1. My Growing Relationship with God.

I can confidently say that I am on a higher level with my relationship with God. I sought Him. I asked Him. He responded (Always Faithful). I received. He keeps moving. I keep seeking.


2. My Character (The Person I am Becoming)

Where as before I was all about parties, money and men, today I am all about God, Family, Adding Value, and Breaking Barriers.

Things are looking UP 😉


3. Being Able to Plant Seeds.

God has and continues to bless me with increase, so I turn around and plant those extra seeds into the ministries God has called me to be a part of. Feeding Kids (Food, Shelter and Books), Equipping Women to Live out the Life God has called them to live (Co-Founded a ministry specifically for this), and giving when God says GIVE. The Lord is good! I must reciprocate that goodness to the best of my ability, there was once a time I had only $7 to my name. #grateful

4. God’s Blessings For Others.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear testimonies regarding God’s goodness. It brings me so much joy to know others are experiencing the boundless Greatness of God. #unendinglove

5. My family and friends

Last but def. not least, are my family and friends. God has blessed me with great people (And more awesome friends are coming, I can feel it) and I am SUPER grateful for them. They are my biggest supporters, my biggest role models and my biggest Inspiration.