30 Day Blogging Challenge

#SocialChallege Day 28: Love Language

When I think of a love language I think of Spanish

#SocialChallenge Day 28: Love Language

I believe my Love Language is split between Quality Time and Physical Touch. I really value Quality Time spent with the ones I love because life has a way of keeping us busy and separated from each other for extended… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 19: I Would Live In Hawaii – Aloha!

If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Hawaii. I lived there with my family for 3 years thanks to the Army and we loved it. It was truly paradise! The weather was perfect all year… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 17: I Wish I Was A Great Singer – I Would Drive Everyone Crazy

I really wish I was great at singing. I love music. It relaxes me. Listening to music is my favorite pastime. I love to listen to gospel, R&B and jazz. I especially love old school music. When songs were written… Continue Reading →

#socialchallenge day 28: My LOVE Language

I loved the book The 5 Love Languages and since reading it, I feel I have transitioned from my original Love language which was Acts of Service to Words of Affirmation.   It makes me feel special when someone chooses… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 28: My Love Language

French is My Love Language!!! I would love to speak French one day.

#SocialChallenge Day 18: This Has Been the Hardest Thing For Me to Forgive

The hardest thing I have had to forgive in my life was my son’s father. I became pregnant as a teenager after my very first sexual encounter – yeah, I was that girl! The worse part of the whole experience… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 27: My Favorite Body Part.

That would have to be my ears. I love music. Also it’s important to hear what people say lol.

#SocialChallenge Day 27: My Favorite Body Part

My favorite body part is the brain because it is the most important and the most useful

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 27 Your Favorite Body Part

My Favorite part of my body is my ears, because with out my ears I wouldn’t be able to listen to music.

Social Challenge Day 22. Where do I see myself in 5, 10, and 15 years?

5 years I see myself traveling promoting my book and speaking to empower hurting people.                            10 and 15 years I see more books,intubation all speaking and s… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 26: A Popular Notion That Is Wrong

I think a popular notion that is wrong is some of the worlds music. That’s My personal opinion though. I listen to lots of music and I think the song should have meaning. and a nice ring, something that nice… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 15: If I Could Be Any Animal I Would be a Bird

If I could be any animal, I would be a bird. They rise early which I already do. They sing beautifully, which I do not but I know how to make a joyful sound. I would probably have an issue… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment – Uugghh!

My Most Embarrassing Moment – came when I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I was a late arrival to the unit and had not trained with them or with those who would become my team/Soldiers. I figured I had… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 12: A Typical Day in My Life

A Typical Day in My Life – BORING!! These days my life has been one continuous day of inconsistencies. I work out, I don’t work out. I make smart eating choices, I don’t make smart eating choices, I’m productive, I’m… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 25:I Would Have Dinner With Mako Iwamatsu

If i could have a dinner with anyone it would be with Mako Iwamatsu because he was a extremely talented knowledgeable voice actor. R.I.P.

#SocialCHALLENGE DAY 25 Who Would I Eat With

A person I would Take out to eat is Rihanna, because she is my future wife. I would take her out to eat the most expensive place in LA.

What Happens Here Stays Here . . .

Growing up in my maternal family was all about how we looked to the outside.  So the family dynamics were a bit skewed to say the least.  No one was supposed to talk about the “real” issues of life such… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Past-Times . . .

I admit it I am a work-a-holic/think-a-holic!!  My mind is constantly running.  I am able to slow it down when I take time to do engage in the following favorite past-times: Theater – I love to go see a live… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 24 My Family

My family dynamic is not really that different from now and then. Since I am the oldest I have had to take on more responsibility, knowing that soon I will be leaving my parents house to start my own. When I… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 24: Family Dynamics

THEN                               NOW (Mother)                       (Mother) Child                      … Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 23: Being Blissfully #ADD My Life Is My Hobby

I have NO spare time- so everything I do is either a temporary obsession or a long term challenge. Five most memorable obsessions I have currently are: Shopping Online: I love to get deliveries!!! Both UPS & FEDEX know me… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 22 where Do I See My Self In The Future

5 years from now I would be 22 and I want to be traveling the world producing music for some of the greatest around the world. 10 years from now I will be 27 I think that I would be… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 22: The Future

#SocialChallenge Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 15 years?   In 5 years I see myself the author of 3 books. I see myself as Fit as I have ever been. I see myself an… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 22: I see myself Healthy, Wealthy, Whole & Wise.

Social challenge day 21; If I had a superpower

I would make sure that EVERYONE could live, at the very least, a comfortable life.  All basic necessities would be met.

#socialchallenge Day 21: I Have Super Powers

#socialchallenge day 21: My Super Power Would Be… If I could have one superpower it would be flight. I actually always used to have dreams of me flying when I was younger.   The travel possibilities would be endless. I… Continue Reading →

#SocialCHALLENGE Day 21 If You Had A Super Power

I think If I had a super power it would be to be able to teleport. Because I could go anywhere I want with out paying anything.

#SocialChallenge Day 21: If I had a Superpower……

I would to be able to be able to teleport. Then teleport when there’s a lot of traffic.

#SocialChallenge Day 20: I Remember… #ChildhoodMemories

 #SocialChallenge Day 20: 3 Things From My Childhood 1. The first memory I remember having was me watching my mom leave to the store through the back way of our house. I remember I watched her to figure out how… Continue Reading →

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