Rachel Nichols

#SocialChallenge Day 14: Five Strengths I Have

Six Strengths I Have Patience-I practice patience on a regualr basis to stay sane Tolerance-I come to tolerate many things. But I will let you know when you are out of line Reliance-I’ve been down more times than I’ve been… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 9: Those Who Have Influenced Me @beingracheln

Ten People who have influenced me and describe how 1. God-I don’t think I have to describe how or why 2. My Mother-She has always been my inspiration, source of strength 3. Reeshemah Homles-She taught me how to look at… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 3: I Love Me Some Them @beingracheln

Describe your relationship with your parents My Momma I was raised by my mother. I’m her one and only child. Yes, I’m spoiled. I watched my mother work anywhere from 10-12 and sometimes 15 hours a day so that I… Continue Reading →

#Socialchallenge Day 1: 20 Random Facts about Rachel

20 Random Facts about Me 1. I like the smell of coffee but hate the taste of coffee 2. I’m a very giving person and will give someone my last 3. I have Herpetophobia, which is the fear of reptiles…. Continue Reading →

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