Team Building

Building Productive Teams

Get on the same page with your team for ultimate success and productivity. There is a saying that attempts to explain the theory that one bad apple will ruin the entire barrel. I have seen many times in my career working on different projects for various marketing campaigns where one negative individual contaminated the entire project.

Negative people breed new negative people. Likewise in business, when are receiving directions from too many entities m you will feel like you are going in a million directions yet making NO progress.

Building Solid Teams Social Media Workbook

It’s really important to build a solid team from the start. Trust, loyalty, and Integrity should be among the checklist for screening for possible business partners. Notice I did not mention skill, talent or qualifications first. You can have the most talented people in your organization but if they don’t mean you any good you will pay for it in the long run. Some businesses are never able to recover from bad business connections.

Bad connections will cause you to risk ruining your reputation and may increase your chances of permanently damaging your brand. As a business owner, I have to carefully pick who I allow to get close to me in personal and professional settings.


Although many think you can separate your business from your personal life completely, I beg to differ. We are not two separate people, we are one entity acting in multiple roles for different people in our lives. Therefore it is imperative to carefully build relationships with people professionally and personally keeping in mind that all relationships may affect your business brand and marketability at some point.

People don’t buy your product exclusively, they buy “you.” Sounds like a cliche but it is all about relationship marketing.


Take the time to Google a company or a brand who has been in the press or news recently.

    How has the news that has been reported negatively affected their sales or marketability? How do you feel about that brand or product knowing what you know now?
    Can you foresee any current partnerships your business has now, that may have a negative impact on your business?

If so, Clean house immediately!

When you don’t remove people who do not share the same vision, purpose, or plan as your business, your number one enemy will always be found internally.

Portia Chandler