To be a God Helper. To be one with the Father and one with Jesus and listen and obey the unction of the Holy Spirit!

this would be an awesome job because I will be working for my Lord and Savior. The pay is real good – eternal life. My needs would be met and there would be peace and unity.

On the natural side, I would just want any job that would supply my needs, dreams and some wants. If I were a street sweeper, let me be the best street sweeper there his. Silver and gold I have not, but what I do have I give to you. Take up your bed and walk.

How awesome would it be to walk around and heal or meet someone needs?

At my age, my dream job would be mending broken hearts and putting families back together. My job as a Mom/Grandma would be taking my family on trips and just enjoying God’s vast earth.

Not a real job?

I love it. To DREAM!