My dream job would be to own my own restaurant. Something small that would allow for intimate relationships with my customers, that would allow us to really get to know each other.

I would call it Lila’ s Kitchen or Lila’s Table and emulate the environment my Great-Grandma Lila King created when she interacted with the people she fed in her own home. All types of people came by to see Grandma, from Bishop to the local drunk.

She always had a hot meal available, Scriptures to encourage and homemade chocolate cake to finish it off. I’m a hugger so I’d greet each person (willing to receive one) with a welcoming hug.

Everything would be homemade with that one secret ingredient- LOVE. I love cooking and seeing the pleasure food brings to those who eat my cooking.

Food has always been the focal point of many family gatherings and my Grandma’s kitchen is the source of many good, loving memories for me.