Day 7: What is your dream job and why?

Sharing the Good News of Christ, because everyone deserves to LIVE their best dream (What a relationship with Him delivers).

I can’t explain good enough through doctrine what Jesus does for those who love Him without sounding religious and turning a few people off, so I’ll explain why this is my dream “Job” by telling you how I was before Jesus and how I am now and why leading people to experience the same thing is my life’s work.



I was living a totally less than mediocre life. 

Broke. Overweight. Unhappy. Negative. Angry. Victim Mentality. Shy. Afraid. Broken Hearted.

My life sucked. I played as if it didn’t but it did. So when I realized that I didn’t like my life, I set out to “fix” it. I considered myself very intelligent (and still do) so I thought I had it under control. So there I went trying to fix the problems with the same exact mentality that brought the problems into my life.  Essentially, the only thing I “fixed” was my eyes on the wrong man, wrong job, wrong crowd and wrong mentality.

I don’t know if this is just a quality I posses, but when I realized I was NOT living my best life I just couldn’t ignore it. I had to do something about it and for years I tried and failed.

I tired desperately to fill the void I felt. That tugging at my heart that something just wasn’t right. But I kept trying to “fix” it with the wrong things (earthly things) and it never sufficed. I just made things worse lol (I laugh now because I just can’t believe how naive I was).


But then came the day I met Jesus…

Post Jesus:

Overflowing #DreamLifeLivin

The void I so desperately tried to fill with earthly things was filled by Him.

Where as before I ket seeking this or that, today I only seek Him and everything is taken care of.

He was the answer to my spirits cry for help and He continues to be the supplier to all my needs.


Once I came to know Jesus, my life kept evolving.

You can’t possibly remain the same knowing the truth of who He is and what He has done and continues to do.

Mediocrity is not part of Jesus.

He has helped me break the chains that kept me down for years.

I am not overweight anymore. I am not broke anymore. I am not a victim anymore. I am not afraid anymore. I am not bitter anymore. I am not hurt anymore.

I have been transformed and My Best is yet to come because I continue on the road of elavation.

And this is why my dream “JOB” is to share the good news. When you find a mine of unlimited blessings, you wouldn’t remain quiet either. You’d go get everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know. That’s what the Lord is having me do.

I have been writing for Him, but now the Lord has me speaking (totally out of my comfort zone) and even putting on events. His love is contagious and I am deeply humbled and grateful that He has ordained me to do His good work.


<3 Ruby

Blessed to have my dream job.

Blessed to be #dreamlifelivin