Hey 16 year old Lila!
1. Love yourself! Because at the end of the day that is the one thing that only really matters!
2. You are so special! God made you in His own image and when He looks at YOU he sees perfection! Walk in that and hold your head up, Baby!
3. The things that you think mean so much to you today will be meaningless when you are 40 years old.
4. You are an intelligent young lady! You’re pretty incredible!
5. You are beautiful! You have so much more to offer than your just your banging body, Girl! So cherish your temple and make him earn your grand prize!
6. You have the strength of a lion and the loving heart of God inside you.
7. Don’t let the mistakes of your youth keep you from the blessings of your future! God has so much planned for you, so stay in tune with His will for your life. Yes, you will have some slip-ups but don’t linger on them and definitely don’t beat yourself up too much over them – it’s called living, Baby Girl!
8. You come from a long line of strong, amazing women! You are fortunate to have their names. Regularly, reach back to their strength and words of encouragement that they’ve spoken into you. That wisdom is a jewel, cherish it.
9. Don’t take yourself so serious! Learn to laugh at yourself because you will need to know how to do this as you grow older, as you make mistakes along the way, and in order to keep your sanity! Enjoy your life – it’s going to be a great one!
10. Have I told you are BEAUTIFUL! Yes Baby, absolutely beautiful! Walk in confidence, Girl! You got this!