Say what?!?! 20 Random Facts About Lila Holley…
1. I am the oldest of seven children (six of us share the same mother, 2 of us the same father)
2. I became pregnant the very first time I had sex!!! Boo!
3. I became a mother at age 15.
4. My children are 18 years apart! They’ll be turning 29 and 11 this year!
5. I am a Grandmother!
6. My grandson is the same age as my daughter!!! Say what!!! She’s about 10 weeks older than her nephew.
7. I am named after all of my Grandmothers. Lila – Great-Grandmother; Cecelia-maternal Grandmother; Ruth-paternal Grandmother.
8. I finished high school by completing my last 2 classes in night school.
9. I have a B.S. in Human Services (Social Science).
10. I served 22 years in the US Army.
11. I married for the first and only time at 30 years old. Still going strong!
12. Our first three years of marriage my husband and I lived separately in 2 different states.
13. I can’t swim.
14. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years.
15. I lived in England for 2 years.
16. I tried smoking a cigarette in high school and hated it!
17. I think I have some pretty feet.
18. I love to cook.
19. I have alopecia.
20. I gave birth to beautiful twins girls – Janae and Jasmine. They reside with Jesus in heaven.