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#SocialChallenge Day 28: Love Language

I believe my Love Language is split between Quality Time and Physical Touch. I really value Quality Time spent with the ones I love because life has a way of keeping us busy and separated from each other for extended… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 19: I Would Live In Hawaii – Aloha!

If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Hawaii. I lived there with my family for 3 years thanks to the Army and we loved it. It was truly paradise! The weather was perfect all year… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 17: I Wish I Was A Great Singer – I Would Drive Everyone Crazy

I really wish I was great at singing. I love music. It relaxes me. Listening to music is my favorite pastime. I love to listen to gospel, R&B and jazz. I especially love old school music. When songs were written… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 18: This Has Been the Hardest Thing For Me to Forgive

The hardest thing I have had to forgive in my life was my son’s father. I became pregnant as a teenager after my very first sexual encounter – yeah, I was that girl! The worse part of the whole experience… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 15: If I Could Be Any Animal I Would be a Bird

If I could be any animal, I would be a bird. They rise early which I already do. They sing beautifully, which I do not but I know how to make a joyful sound. I would probably have an issue… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment – Uugghh!

My Most Embarrassing Moment – came when I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I was a late arrival to the unit and had not trained with them or with those who would become my team/Soldiers. I figured I had… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 12: A Typical Day in My Life

A Typical Day in My Life – BORING!! These days my life has been one continuous day of inconsistencies. I work out, I don’t work out. I make smart eating choices, I don’t make smart eating choices, I’m productive, I’m… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenges Day 11: 10 Pet Peeves I Have

My 10 Pet Peeves (in no particular order) 1. Being late (I am working diligently on this!) 2. Mean, hateful people 3. Bad kids (I lovingly do on the spot corrections) 4. Ignorance in any form 5. Prejudice based on… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 9: 10 People Who Influenced Me

Ten who have influenced me: 1. My Great-Grandmother, Lila King – she was kind-hearted and gave me sound advice that inspired me to act and not give up on myself despite what trials I face in my life. 2. My… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 8: 5 Passions That Drive Me

1. To be a good wife. When I truly learned the role of a wife, I realized it’s a huge responsibility. A juggling act of sorts because I have to still be the woman God has called me to be… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 7: My Dream Job @holley_lila

My dream job would be to own my own restaurant. Something small that would allow for intimate relationships with my customers, that would allow us to really get to know each other. I would call it Lila’ s Kitchen or… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 6: The Hardest Thing I EVER Had To Deal With Was…

The hardest thing I ever had to deal with was losing my twin girls Janae and Jasmine. It’s still very fresh in my mind so this post will be brief. In 2009 my husband and I once again began our… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 5: 5 Things That Make Lila Happy

1. My Husband. I knew when I met him he was something special. He made me feel like I was the only person in the room and I had his undivided attention when I spoke. He still makes my heart… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 4: Heeeyy, 16 Year Old Lila!

Hey 16 year old Lila! 1. Love yourself! Because at the end of the day that is the one thing that only really matters! 2. You are so special! God made you in His own image and when He looks… Continue Reading →

Like all adults, my relationship with my parents has evolved over the years. I would define our relationship today as pretty good, but room for improvement as with anything. I am very proud of the way my parents raised me… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 2: 3 Things I Fear – Lila Holley

Three legitimate fears I have are: 1. Rodents: I do not like mice or rats. I guess I would say I have a fear of them. I don’t really know where this fear evolved from or if there was one… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day1: 20 Facts About Lila Holley

Say what?!?! 20 Random Facts About Lila Holley… 1. I am the oldest of seven children (six of us share the same mother, 2 of us the same father) 2. I became pregnant the very first time I had sex!!!… Continue Reading →

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