1. I love chocolate milk.
2. I love to sing even though I can’t
3. My hair wand is one of my best friends
4. Enjoys an awesome worship service at church.
5. Hot cheetos puffs are my favorite
6. Love me some Kenny G.
7. My ears are different
8. I hate wearing heels… They hurt.
9. I enjoy going to city center…and just walking around.
10. Enjoy going to coffee shops with my big cousin.
11. I have two awesome best friends.
12. I have a total of 11 siblings.
13. I love just going to the airport even if I’m not going anywhere.
15. Every time I visit my family in Kentucky I always drink mountain dew but never when I’m home…that’s weird lol.
16. I won first place in swimming at camp.
17. I smile a lot and laugh sometimes when I’m nervous about something.
18. I like the smell of burnt trash lol it reminds me of Jamaica. *shrugs shoulder* lol
19. I miss my mom.
20. Still in search of my purpose.