20 Random Facts about Me

1. I like the smell of coffee but hate the taste of coffee
2. I’m a very giving person and will give someone my last
3. I have Herpetophobia, which is the fear of reptiles. Any reptile; snakes, frogs, lizards and even geckos.
4. I grew up with pet dogs all my life but I don’t care for them now.
5. I have a very competitive spirit.
6. I’m an avid traveler and will travel alone to almost any destination
7. I hate horror movies of any kind.
8. I love any kind of music but I cannot read, write, sing or play any musical instrument
9. I’m dyslexic.
10. I’m an introvert but I like meeting new people.
11. I love to laugh.
12. I’m a constant learner and avid reader. I’m always looking to grow.
13. I enjoy time spent with my family
14. I’m afraid of lightning and thunder
15. I’m a gearhead. I enjoy the drag races, top fuel, hot rods, motorcycles. The need for speed!
16. I hate crowds especially in small places
17. I’ll try almost anything once within reason
18. I don’t like ketchup
19. I’m an only child, only girl, and the 3rd born.
20. I love God.