1. I enjoy listening to music
  2. My eyes are extra dark green if you look closely
  3. I’m a web developer (build websites)
  4. I enjoy playing video games
  5. In my spare time I might doodle (not very good)
  6. I cook for my family everyday (mother doesn’t feed me)
  7. My favorite dessert is banana pudding
  8. I have a big stomach
  9. I’m not very social
  10. I once ranked #1 for a day in modern combat 3 (very hard to do)
  11. I’ve been working since I was 6
  12. I sold my first house at 7
  13. Made my first million at the tender age of 8
  14. Became a billionaire at the age of 11
  15. I wish 12- 14 were true
  16. I don’t get out much
  17. I don’t have a sense of humor (very serious not a silly bone in my body)
  19. I love the Walking Dead
  20. I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse