Describe your relationship with your parents

My Momma

I was raised by my mother. I’m her one and only child. Yes, I’m spoiled. I watched my mother work anywhere from 10-12 and sometimes 15 hours a day so that I could have. She sacrificed a lot. I didn’t do many activates in school because of how she worked. But she taught me how to survive, how to persevere against all odds. She has shared her loved of music, travel, the casino, reading, work ethic, and bowling with me. But there is one thing she does superbly that I wish I could do as well as her is cook. She can throw down in the kitchen! Her health is not what it used to be but her spirit is still strong. We live 2 miles apart. We don’t talk everyday, which is not unusual for us, but I know that she knows I love her and will do anything in my power for her.
My Daddy

We have not always had the best relationship. I’ve always known my dad. He’s always been around. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. I vividly remember growing up all the promises he would make and not keep them. But I believed in him until I got older. There was a period of years that we didn’t even speak to each other. As the years have passed and he’s getting older we have gotten better at communicating. Although we still go toe to toe and argue just as much I will still do almost anything for him being his only girl.