1. To be a good wife. When I truly learned the role of a wife, I realized it’s a huge responsibility. A juggling act of sorts because I have to still be the woman God has called me to be and offer up help to my mate. I have to first understand his role in the relatinship then encourage, support, love unconditionally, and live harmoniously with him. It takes work and effort but the reward is so much larger.
2. To be a good Mother. I love my children dearly. There is 18 years between them, they’re two different generations! They have different needs where they are in their life and they each have grown to know me at different stages of my life. The best thing is that they genuinely care for each other, love each other and love their Mom.
3. To be a good friend. I’ve had some amazing friends in my lifetime. As I grow older I’ve realize friends come into our lives for different reasons and some friends go and others stick around for the long haul. My prayer is that of all the friends I’ve had, have and am to have in my lifetime, I am able to give them what they need as we develop and nurture our relationship.
4. I truly desire a closer relationship with God. My desire is that I see myself as He sees me and love myself as much as He loves me.
5. I live to be happy being me. This is my ultimate passion because this sets the stage for EVERYTHING else. If I cannot love myself enough to be happy being myself then I won’t be able to live out any other passion that has been placed on my heart.