Ruby Esmeralda Angulo

#SocialChallenge day 16: My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to congratulate myself, which is always a good thing.

1. Never EVER tried nor will I ever try Drugs. 

Why is this a huge accomplishment ? I grew up around drugs. Selling, Using, and Abusing of them but I never gave into peer pressure or followed the example. At a very young age I promised myself to never try them and I have followed through.

2. Emancipated myself at 17.

Was in foster care for my teen years and worked hard to get good grades and a job so that I could emancipate myself and handle business.

3. Became an Entrepreneur

I LOVE being my own boss. Yes it has it’s challenges but there is nothing like working hard and being paid adequately.

4. Started 

My passion is writing. When I accepted Christ into my heart, He inspired me to start a blog dedicated to my new way of life. I feel humbled and honored when I receive messages from individuals stating that my posts have helped them.

5. Started a Ministry

This one is a brand new accomplishment but one I am ECSTATIC about. It’s been only 3 months and it is growing and accomplishing AMAZING things for women.