Ruby Esmeralda Angulo

#SocialChallenge Day 12: My Typical Day 

I’ll give you my Mon-Friday “Routine” for the sake of simplicity and I state routine loosely because my day schedule can change from week to week. I am going to be very thorough because for some reason this question has been asked many times, so here it goes…

-I wake up at 4:30 am

-Drink a glass of water right away.

-Do my usual wash my face/brush teeth blah blah blah

-Spend Time Worshipping and Praying.

-Read the Word

-Thank God and Speak life over myself (Read 10 promises I claim from the Word and thank Him for making them come to pass)

-Make myself my morning shake/power oatmeal

-Get supplies ready for the days work

-Head out by 6 am

-My mom usually drives (We co-own a cleaning business) to our morning route and I listen to worship music while I read my chapter of the current book I am reading.

-Check my social media/post


– I usually have a shake for lunch too.

– Get home. unwind

-Exercise (I’ve been doing Piyo lately..#loveit)


-Post workout snack

-Worship/Pray and write on my blog. Although sometimes the Lord wants me to share a podcast, so I do.

– Guest blog (I love that I am currently guest blogging here)

-I’ll fit in dinner here somewhere

-Share social media

-Go for a walk/ Bible Study (I have studies 2x’s a week).

-Unwind and write in my journal (My Thank you Journal to God.)

– Meditate on His word. Spend time thinking on the visions He has sent me.

-Try to go to sleep by 11pm and If I can’t I’ll write some more or once in a while catch a netflix/sermon by a Pastor/Minister


That’s my typical week day. Weekends I am out and about allowing the Lord to use me and instruct me :)