I’m telling the truth…

FOOD Is My FIRST Only because it’s my WORST. I’m eating all the time! When I Wake Up, When I’m Working, When I’m Watching TV.

2. Lotion & Perfumes etc. I’m Always Putting On Lotion Or Spraying Perfumes. I love to Smell Good. And That’s A Weakness Because I’m ALWAYS Doing So.

3. Clothes….. “EVERYONE Knows JusNya Loves Clothes” I could be wearing a T-Shirt. And 5 Min Later Im Wearing a Dress. I Change Clothes Like 50 Times a Day, Everyday.

4.   Weakness #4 — > LIP STICK!!! I Love Lip Stick And I’m Putting it on all through the day.

5. My Family… I love them So Much!!!