I absolutely detest foul smells & people who break wind in my presence! (Yuck & Shame On YOU!)

# 2

I kind of itch around people who take themselves too serious, too deep to have an intelligent conversation.

# 3

I do NOT like to plan ahead on things that are better left in impromptu settings?
(I am as Autoschedistic as they come!)

Slow People.
( I’m tempted to start a list of my friends that I am always waiting on but I won’t, Juslyn Young.) I’m just saying.

Forgetting what I am trying to say or write while attempting to say or write it. Selah.

Small ill mannered children with or without a nasty nose and or dirty hands- that seem to always march their little selves in my germaphobic personal space in PUBLIC.

Repeating myself, should really be #4. I simply don’t want to hear myself that many times. Ughhh

People who use the lord’s name in vain and have a lack of respect for their own Faith in God. I call it church perfunctory. They always make mention to God in cliches, jokes, & or as their personal butler. They turn prayers into parody. “Jesus be a cup of a Koolaid” type of folks. Ughhhh, this one derails me. (I’m back. Timestamped 6 hours later)

I hate to be hot!! I sweat like a fat pig, on a Texas Ranch, in the middle of summer, at a cookout right around July, with fifty thousand people, generating …… Umm I just don’t like to be hot. This should be listed as #2 if this list followed an order of severity.

People who quit and lack loyalty. This really should be #3 directly following “being Hot.”