I am not afraid of much but there are 3 things that DO scare me.

1. Roaches

This fear was embedded into my young mind when I watched the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Why I was allowed to watch that movie I don’t know, but I dislike roaches because of it. This is a fear I don’t mind though because lets face it, roaches aren’t the prettiest things nor the cleanest. I know this is a fear that I will eventually need the intervention of Jesus in, because I am traveling the world now and roaches be everywhere lol #Jesustakethewheel

2. Not Fulfilling Everything God Has Ordained Me To Do

God has sent me many great visions. Some of these visions are of such magnitude that moments of fear sometimes pass through my mind. But they are only moments of fear because I know that if He chose me to bring them into manifestation, then by His grace I can!

3. Missing IT

I am always out doing things. Busy. Busy. Busy. Trying to catch up to all that I should have been doing. There are moments where I have to stop and recollect myself. I don’t want to miss IT. I don’t want to miss God’s great picture and this is a fear that I sometimes battle with. But I know God is good and EVERYTHING works out for my benefit… It’s just I rather skip some things 😉 lol