Growing up in my maternal family was all about how we looked to the outside.  So the family dynamics were a bit skewed to say the least.  No one was supposed to talk about the “real” issues of life such as babies out of wedlock, incest, alcoholism or infidelity.  We were perfect; perfectly miserable at times that is.

I learned to keep my feelings to myself and to be consumed about what others thought of me including my own family; which lead to seeking to please at any cost.

Today, I am learning to let go of others’ opinions of me including family.  I am teaching my son to be open and transparent by being open and transparent.  I am wildly passionate about sharing with my audiences, clients and my siblings that perfection is not necessary and that mistakes are okay.  Most importantly being able to reach out to your family in the midst of your messes and imperfections is what real family dynamics are about.

Today, I feel so much more freedom engaging in REAL conversation with sister and that transparency has brought so much closer than the two little girls who grew up together.

What happens here should only stay here (in the family) if it is being addressed!