Ten People who have influenced me and describe how

1. God-I don’t think I have to describe how or why
2. My Mother-She has always been my inspiration, source of strength
3. Reeshemah Homles-She taught me how to look at life differently, to stay optimistic, and believe in myself
4. Portia Chandler-For speaking life, words of wisdom and tough love into my dreams
5. Jill Scott-Giving a voice and beauty to all of us Full Figured Women
6. Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah-I have always been proud of my curves but she gave me a new found respect for each one
7. God-Did I mention him already?
8. Aston Calloway-My son challenges me while I challenge him to succeed
9. Morgan Jackson-My daughter who was the inspiration for me to grow
10. All Women-Those who have fought, taught, survive and conquered the world!