One of the hardest things I ever had to experience was telling my kids that I had gotten laid off from my job. Being a single parent I was the only source of income. Everything they need or wanted came from me. Just to watch their expressions really hurt me to my core. I was sure what to reaction to expect.

My son’s first question was are we now poor. I had to reassure him that we were not but things were about to change. And change drastically. He had a hard time adjusting initially but he’s okay, I think.

For my daughter too it the hardest. It was her senior year at a private high school. She is a “Me” person or an “I” personality. She didn’t speak to me for 3 days. I had already contacted the school to inform them of what had happen. I reassured her that she was going to graduate from that school. I know that it didn’t matter to her. She felt her life was over since I was not working. Our mother daughter relationship was already becoming strained but started going down faster. It hurt to hear her say it and how she reacted. All I could do was pray and I still do. I hope I don’t ever have to put this type of burden on my kids ever again.