Here Goes Everything:

The hardest possible day in my life here on earth was the day I fell out with my family. There was a huge altercation that involved intense dialogue, betrayal, lies, gossip, jealousy, emotional and ultimately physical abuse. The worse part of it all was that my children had a front row seat to such foolishness.

I had no clue if I would ever speak or see my family again.

I felt like I was going to die in my sleep. I was both very angry and hurt all at the same dang time!

Betrayal had gave birth to bitterness in my heart and it took a whole lot of praying, crying, distancing, soul searching, and the peace of God to intervene on all of our behalf’s.

Today I am not 100% with all of my family members, but I love them all 100%.

God has brought us a mighty long way.