Hindsight Has Never Been 20/20

I think that there were so many people around me telling me “what not to do” that I can’t really remember anyone telling me “what to do.”  The truth is: What 16 year old do youknow that doesn’t believe they already know it all?

If I could speak into my life at an earlier time and listen I’d say:

  1. When you know better,  do better!
  2. Listen More.
  3. Build You.
  4. Perfect your craft.
  5. Get and keep a mentor, keep and get a mentor.
  6. Keep your circle smaller.
  7. Don’t box God into other people’s idea of Him namely “religion”
  8. Laugh as much as you can, there will plenty of time for pain soon enough.
  9. Spend quality time with your folks they age at the same speed as yourself.
  10. Always be ready to meet God,  life isn’t as long as you think.