I have NO spare time- so everything I do is either a temporary obsession or a long term challenge. Five most memorable obsessions I have currently are:

  1. Shopping Online: I love to get deliveries!!! Both UPS & FEDEX know me by name. (I’m Special)
  2. Researching: I get lost online reading interesting topics, themes, social and or political injustices, the whole lot. ( I can spend up to 16 hours a day just researching different topics.)
  3. Dining Out: I am a total & complete FOODIE!! I not only love to eat but I love to be entertained by the culture of the places that I eat at. My family and I eat out five out of the seven days in a week. (yes, yes, OCD to the 10th power
  4. Fishing: I am a beast at this!!! I haven’t been fishing since my granny passed away. Not sure if that is the reason why but it was the last time I went fishing. CONFESSION: I’m afraid to touch fish
  5. Blogging: I love to write, type, and podcast. I love to share my thoughts with myself as well as with others. It’s amazing what this mind of mine will come up with. I totally entertain myself on a daily basis. I think there may be a few versions of me, living in me. (How about that?)