#SocialChallenge Day 20: 3 Things From My Childhood

1. The first memory I remember having was me watching my mom leave to the store through the back way of our house. I remember I watched her to figure out how she got out and then I got out the same way. I then remember sitting at a police station and I was eating M&M’s. I was 3 years old and thank God I was found and turned into the police. It was then that my mom knew I had an adventurous spirit. I wandered off many times after that still lol

2. One thing I will always remember is how I taught myself to ride a bike. It was one of the big tall ones and I would jump on by getting on top of some bricks then to stop, I would go to a grassy area and fall off. lol I am self taught in a lot of things.

3. I remember winning first place in 3rd grade for a painting. It was a city wide contest and my teacher had entered my painting without me knowing.  She took me to city hall for the ceremony. I won $240 Toy r Us dollars. It was awesome. She was the first teacher to show me kindness but not the last.