flying birdIf I could be any animal, I would be a bird. They rise early which I already do. They sing beautifully, which I do not but I know how to make a joyful sound. I would probably have an issue with eating worms but I hear they are a good source of protein. A bird’s life seems pretty carefree. I really enjoy waking up early in the morning and sitting in my backyard watching the birds. Sometimes they eat bread I throw out for them. Other times they play and chase each other. I sometimes see them fighting with each other. I always hear them signing and chirping as if to be thanking God for wings. I watch them as they fly off and wonder where I would go if I had that type of capability and freedom. Yup, I’d be a bird with strong wings to fly far distances. Yes, I’d view the world from God’s vantage point – above, in all its splendor.