Ruby Esmeralda Angulo

#socialchallenge day 14: Describe 5 Strengths You Have

1. My Unrealistic Positivity

Oh yeah, I AM one of those Happy Peppy People. You know, the one where your car can be breaking down in the middle of the freeway and I’d be thanking God that it didn’t blow up in flames. I’ve been told I live in Lala land, I know I live in the realm of supernatural faith.


2. Vision

(Ability to see clearly the Unimaginable and believing without a doubt it CAN come to pass)

This is an AWESOME gift the Lord has blessed me with. I can see clearly through my minds eye (imagination) things that most would call unreasonable. It is a strength that is a strong contributor to my story telling skills. One I am always thanking God for. It’s pretty cool to be able to see some of the things that God sees.


3. Boldness

I see the fear and do it anyways. I am not fear free but I am excuse free. If I know I must do something in order for my faith and life to elevate to the next level, I will do it, even when I may have no idea how. I just jump in and trust that God will tell me what’s next (which He always does).


4. Confidence (self love)

This one took me some time to build up to but ‘m glad that I have arrived! There is nothing more powerful than a confident man/woman backed by the ALL mighty power of God’s favor. #unstoppable


5. Self Honesty (Keep It Real)

I know when I have messed up and I keep it real with myself. I don’t try to play like I don’t know better. Keeping it real with who you are in this current day, will let you know what you need to develop as far as character traits go. I used to be a woman that didn’t want to admit I wasn’t living my best, but now I know that my best is my only option and being honest with myself in where I need improvement, allows me to ask God for His help in those areas. It’s not an easy thing to own up to, but once you internalize the fulness of God, you’ll want nothing but to try and be your best because of it. No one is perfect but we should strive to live our best each day.