Ruby Esmeralda Angulo


#SocialChallenge Day 11: 10 Pet Peeves 

Oh I should say I don’t get annoyed but I do lol

I would like to thank God for helping me with all of these but in the mean time….


1. Victim Mentality

Oh how I dislike it when people play the victim card. That’s not how we were intended to live. Everything we have gone through was for the SOLE purpose of equipping us to be stronger, not to play the ‘poor me’ card.


2. People Driving in the Rain

Oh My Gosh!!! I mean, is that acid falling from the sky that people should drive like snails?! lol


3. Rude People

I totally stick up for people if I see someone being rude to them. Especially if it’s a customer being rude to an employee.


4. People not keeping their word

Your word is your bond. Let your yes be YES and your no be NO.


5. People being late

Respect time much?


6. Judgement

Oh what tangled web we weave with the huge spick in our own eye.


7. Disrespect

But you just can’t go around smacking people when you’re a follower of Jesus lol


8. Assumption

Many criteria fall into this but my most annoying assumption I am currently dealing with, is the assumption people have regarding me being newly divorced/single. No I don’t want/should get into the dating scene. #NOTHANKS #IdateJesus 😉


9. Dirty Dishes

Lord help me cause my bro keeps leaving them in the sink!!!! lol


10. Categorizing- You are In or Out-

I totally don’t believe the Lord has blessed us each with the same strengths and weaknesses. So no I may not learn like you or have your strengths but I can kick butt in areas you may totally suck at. lol One mold does not fit all…I find standardized tests ANNOYING.