Ruby Esmeralda Angulo

#SocialChallenge Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment

Oh gosh I have had soooooo many embarrassing moments I don’t know which one to pick! lol

My MOST memorable embarrassing moment was when I was in 4th grade.

Recess was my favorite activity back then because I enjoyed doing tricks on the bars. I thought I was a little gymnast and used to do all kinds of tricks on the bars. Kids would watch and compete, I could clearly say I was in the top 3 at my school.

One day I decided to be bold and go to the monkey bars and attempt a trick that had never been attempted by any of the other girls.

So I let them all know of this and a little crowd formed.

I sat on the monkey bar planning on doing a front flip in between the opening that separated the bar I was on and the one next to it.

I flipped forward and I totally was able to go through it. However, I must have been totally excited at the fact that I did accomplish the first part, because I completely forgot I had to again squeeze through coming up.

I hit my head on the bar and fell to the ground totally zoned out.

I had a HUGE bump on my forehead for a couple of days.

All for the sake of showing off.

Never did that again. lol