Alright, excited to be part of this movement!

20 random things about myself:

1. I know God is good! (That one is a given though)

2. When I am EXTREMELY excited, I humm and do a little dance (Well I try with my two left feet).

3. Although I would like to believe I have been named after two gem stones, (Ruby and Esmeralda) my mom really named me after Mexican Soap Operas.

4. I smile A LOT and sometimes people confuse it for them. lol No…I am just THAT happy (Though sometimes I really am laughing at them HA!).

5. I like to use (parentheses ) .. but I bet you couldn’t tell 😉

6. I like raw onion, grilled onion BUT not cooked onion. I pick it out of my food if I see it.

7. I totally dislike roaches. *shivers* just thinking of them.

8. I learned how to swim by my dad’s technique. At 4 was thrown into the deep end as he yelled “Swim or drown!” I am a pretty good swimmer and that is how I approach life now.

9. I dislike when people are late.

10. I can’t sing but I worship the Lord like I can!

11. I’ve probably read over 1,000+ books and counting.

12. I am going to swim with whales one day (not the kind that can eat me).

13. Writing my first book of many best sellers 😉

14. LOVE Astronomy, I could look at the stars all night.

15. Anything with extra spice is always nice.

16. My imagination is one of God’s greatest gifts to me. (It’s far out)

17. I LOOOVVVVEEE to people watch. I can sit at a coffee shop and just watch all day.

18. I once went cow tipping. No cows were tipped.

19. I believe that everyone has the ability to be a world changer and I make it a mission of mine to be a conduit to help bring that out.

20. Some people call me lucky but I call myself Blessed. God has always taken extra special care of me.