My fondest childhood memory is holidays in the country at my mom’s parents.  My grandparents lived in a / bedroom house deep in the country.  My mom had 11 siblings do we were a large family.

I don’t know how we did it but we spent the night before Easter and Christmas there and we would line our shoes up so when we would wake up the next morning we knew our gift would be sitting right in front of our shoes.

I have no idea how we all slept in that house but we didn’t care as long as we were together.  Still today my cousins and I are VERY close and our children and grandchildren think they are first cousins.  I love my family.

Picking pecans in the empty lot down the street.  We would walk about 2 miles away to sell them.  We would walk back towards home and stop at the store to buy a link of boudin and sit on the corner near our house and eat.

My daddy was the neighborhood dad. He would pack as many other kids as he could in our car and take us to the James Brown concerts, the college basketball games, and all of the globetrotter games.  Didn’t matter that I was the only girl.  I was the first one in the car.