My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was when was like 7 years old before I was Home Schooled, I  was at school. It was recess Everyone was playing outside when I Suddenly Had to GO do #2 so i ask the teacher to go to the restroom she said sure and gave me the key to the door. I got to the boys restroom by my self and ALL the stalls were Locked but no one was in it so I Bent over to crawl underneath the stall and did the unthinkable in my pants, I started panicking because this has never happen to me Before in my Life. Being The not so clever 7 year old I was I decided to take my pants off and my underwear and throw them in the trash. Then it hit me I’m standing in the school, bathroom Butt naked soo i put my pants back on and carried the nasty underwear BACK outside. The teacher sent me to the nurse for a change of clothes, And if you think my day couldn’t get worse you’re WRONG the nurse was fresh out of boy pants so i ended up wearing Girl pants for the rest of the day.. SMH by far the most embarrassing thing that happen to me