I admit it I am a work-a-holic/think-a-holic!!  My mind is constantly running.  I am able to slow it down when I take time to do engage in the following favorite past-times:

Theater – I love to go see a live stage production.  When I was a teen it was my desire to become an actress; I love acting and the theater because it allows you the opportunity to take on a different persona and literally see life from a different perspective or actually live out what you secretly desire you wish you were able to do in “real life”.

Reading – A trait I got from my mother; I love to read my room is a smorgasbord of  different non-fiction books and magazines.  So many ideas can be ignited by reading.

Daydreaming – Yes, I am a dreamer!  Sometimes I just enjoy slowing my thinking down and simply reflecting on life’s lessons the good and the not so good because they all have taught me well.

These are a few of my favorite things.