Fear is an immobilizer; if you allow it to be.  I spent years; and yes even have moments on a weekly basis now dealing with fear.

The fear of not fully living out potential, not being my best self and fading away without being remembered.  It is a fear based in the crazy “self-talk” that many of us do to ourselves.

I am learning to release those fears by recognizing that number one: I am not perfect and that He is perfecting me and everything that concerns me (Psalm 138:8).  That reality is freeing me to move out in faith and stand in confidence that each time I speak, teach or reach out to someone I am living out my potential, I am becoming my best self and yes I am creating legacy.

No the fear is not legitimate, it false evidence appearing real because we give those thoughts life.  Today, speak faith over your life and fear will eventually cease because it is illegitimate and can no longer trespass!!!