Thecia Jenkins

What Happens Here Stays Here . . .

Growing up in my maternal family was all about how we looked to the outside.  So the family dynamics were a bit skewed to say the least.  No one was supposed to talk about the “real” issues of life such… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Past-Times . . .

I admit it I am a work-a-holic/think-a-holic!!  My mind is constantly running.  I am able to slow it down when I take time to do engage in the following favorite past-times: Theater – I love to go see a live… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 19: I’d like to call Ghana . . . Home Sweet Home

I have a desire to call Ghana (West Africa), my home at least for a season.  I have never been, but the pictures and the friends I have made with people from there are enticing me to visit and stay… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 10: Always Make Sure Your Back Is Covered @theciajenkins

It was a cold morning I was walking my usual route to school, head down and consumed with thoughts.  As I passed my peers I could hear snickers; which made me walk faster. I had a sweater on, but I… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Day 6: The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Experienced @theciajenkins

The death of my mother has been the hardest thing I have experienced in my life.  She was only fifty; two years older than I am now. Our relationship was a roller coaster at best, definitely the ups and the… Continue Reading →

I’m Happy . . .

I’m happy when . . . I am able to create a to do list and actually mark off the last item on the list at the end of the day; staying focused is a challenge and when I mark… Continue Reading →

It’s Just An Event

To my sixteen year old self I want you to know it was just an event and not your entire life story: Here are ten things to help you move forward . . .   Be yourself; fitting in is… Continue Reading →

Solid Foundation

It’s amazing that when we are growing up that so many times we don’t see the value of the lessons we are learning from our parents. I am the oldest of four and so often thought my parents were being… Continue Reading →

#SocialChallenge Is It Legitimate Fear or False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is an immobilizer; if you allow it to be.  I spent years; and yes even have moments on a weekly basis now dealing with fear. The fear of not fully living out potential, not being my best self and… Continue Reading →

Thecia, Who?

Thecia . . .   Is from La Porte, Texas. The oldest of three siblings. Grew up Pentecostal; yes the long dresses. Is a professional speaker and coach. Loves encouraging people and teaching. Waiting for the day she will travel… Continue Reading →

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